Tencent and Tim Hortons team up as part of an all-fields esports blueprint

Make it a double-double

First coffee—preferably a Canadian-as-double-hockey-stick double-double—and then, from the looks of things from Tencent Esports headquarters, the world. In a presentation titled “Drawing an all-fields developing blueprint of esports”, gaming giant Tencent talked about the importance of wading into the future flanked by proven winners. And that includes Canada’s iconic Tim Hortons coffee chain.

The “Drawing on all-fields” speech made it clear that Tencent is committed to “partnering with all-field market leaders, and co-build[ing] a new solid economic engine.” Loosely translated, that means spreading the esports gospel by building awareness by teaming up with not only Tim Hortons, but also companies like IKEA and Hong Kong hotel group Shangri-La.

First, the roadmap for Canada’s iconic Tim Hortons. Tencent Esports inked a deal with the Canadian coffee mainstay last year. The immediate goal is to build a host of new coffee bars in cities across China. There will also be a flagship Tim Hortons store close to the Tencent Holding headquarters in Shenzhen.

In addition to loading up on sinfully delicious maple-glazed Timbits and Boston cream donuts, customers will be able to sit around the flagship story watching games on on-site television, as well as watch actual esports competitions.

Feel like there’s only so much time you can spend in a coffee shop? There’s an avenue waiting for you.

Once you’ve got your Tim Hortons coffee at a new Chinese coffee bar, you can do a little gaming by settling into a co-branded gaming chair while sitting at a desk collaboratively designed by IKEA and Tencent. Perhaps that gaming will take place in a specially designated esports hotel room at a Shangri-La property.

The news didn’t stop here. Tencent has announced that it’s signed a partnership deal with the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE). That company is the world’s biggest electrical and electronic company. 

Among the immediate goals will be coming with a standard draft of Esports Broadcasting and Esports Fairness. 

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