The Spooky Season brings many treats for fans of esports

J Balvin is hoping to haunt your dreams with Fortnite.

As you might have seen recently on Last Week Tonight With John Oliver, October is more than a time for pumpkin spice lattes, stuffing your face with mini chocolate bars for weeks leading up to October 31, and wondering why God made trees. (If you’re living in a condo or apartment, consider yourself lucky that you don’t have to spend hours each fall raking up leaves in the pissing rain). October is, of course, also the start of Spooky Season. How do we know this? Well newscasters Down South can’t shut up about it. Much like their fascination with pumpkin lattes. Here, we’ll prove it to you.

Given that it’s now Spooky Season, it should surprise no one that the esports world is all in. Here’s a pocket-size roundup of some of the goings-on.

J Balvin does Fortnite

Let’s face it: you’re probably not doing much this Halloween. Trick-or-treating (if it even happens this year) is for little kids. On the other hand, going to a party is out of the question. No, the most likely scenario is that you’re going to be spending the night of October 31 playing Fortnite, like you do every other Saturday evening.

Epic Games gets it. So on Halloween night, Colombian Reggaeton star J Balvin will be taking a break from shilling for McDonald’s and their happy meals. Instead, watch for the man who’d rather not answer to José—perhaps because it rhymes with “No way”—to put on an Afterlife Party concert inside Fortnite.

Hey, if Travis Scott can do it, why not him?

Put Evil Dead on pause at 6 p.m. PST on October 31, and head over to the Party Royale main stage where Balvin will not only perform his biggest smashes, but debut a new track with Sech.

According to Rolling Stone, his performance will be shot using extended reality (XR) technology. That means he will be recorded using LED walls and camera tracking to give him a more “real-life in a virtual world look”.

(Should you be busy watching Evil Dead, Afterlife Party will be rebroadcast on November 1 at 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. on the Party Royale main stage). Showing up gets you a J Balvin edition of a Fortnite Party Trooper outfit currently on the racks of the Item Shop.

Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows

Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? It’s got the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and a thoroughly possessed Sigourney Weaver. Not to mention Rick Moranis panic-strickeningly whispering “Nice doggie” at a gargoyle that’s not going to sit for anyone other than Gozer the Gozerian.

The 2020 edition of Rocket League’s Haunted Hallows celebration has chosen Ghostbusters as its theme. Which admittedly, given the kind of year it’s been, is a lot better than going with 28 Days Later or Outbreak.

To start reaping rewards like the Ecto-1 Car, Stay Puft Topper, or Ectoplasm Decal, players can start by completing event challenges. The 2020 edition of Haunted Hallows is now live and ends at 6 p.m. PST on November 2.

For a full breakdown of everything, go here.

Hearthstone’s Hallow’s End

While the verdict is out on pumpkin lattes, there’s zero disputing that the fine folks of Azeroth totally love the Season of the Witch. Hallow’s End has Hearthstone fans following a seasonally spooky set of rules where they enter the arena, choose a hero, and opt for individual hero powers.

During the Hallow’s End run heroes are in costume, and the Orgrimmar and Stormwind battlegrounds festooned with Hallow’s End decorations. Special tavern brawls, legendary quests, and the return of Hallow’s End cards are part of this year’s fun. You can also wish a happy Spooky Season to your fellow Azerothites. Or whatever they are called.

The fun continues to October 31. Remember to take it easy on the Zombies at the tavern.

Apex Legends Fight or Fright

Always dreamed of walking on walls like Seth Brundle and dancing on ceilings like the always-creepy Christopher Walken in that Fatboy Slim video? Then you’re going to be super-stoked about the Shadow Legends in Apex Legends seasonally themed Fight or Fright.

As part of the event, players can beat the digital pulp out of each other until they see the digital light. But they also get the ability to respawn as a “Shadow Legend”, assuming at least one of their teammates is still alive and kicking on the battlefield. Positives for Shadow Legends include becoming speedier and getting the ability to walk on walls.

On the downside, conventional weapons become of zero use. Other Apex Legends perks for Fight or Fright include having Halloween-themed skins laid out for the purchasing in the game’s shop. The Spooky Season mode starts on October 22 and runs through to November 3. For more information, go here. And feel free to ask when Brundlefly will be making an appearance.

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