The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to ESports

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In the past, public attitudes about gaming were incredibly negative. Despite much evidence to the contrary, people often claimed that video games rot your brain and are a complete waste of time.

Well, the eSports industry has changed the attitudes of millions. As one of the largest up-and-coming sports in the world, eSports have massive sway.

Unfortunately, this huge scale means that eSports can be very confusing to those who want to start out in the field. To conquer this confusion, we’ve put together the guide below.

The world of eSports

For many players, eSports have been a bridge to a successful life. Even the lowest-ranked competitors develop valuable skills by playing their favorite games: hand-eye coordination, team-building skills, time-management skills, and the ability to think strategically. Many players go on to create their own video games, especially now that academic institutions have even begun to support the industry.

Careers in eSports

What if you’re not interested in becoming an eSports athlete, but still want to be part of this fast-growing industry? You’re in luck! There are plenty of alternative career paths to choose in the world of eSports.


Hosting an eSport event can involve many things, from setting up the infrastructure for an event to announcing and commentating. Hosts are highly important—and the money they earn can be fantastic.


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Believe it or not, the eSports industry is always short on coaches. Coaching is a valuable way to build management skills and can lead to the creation of invaluable relationships. Coaches in the eSports industry typically teach teammates to work together and do everything in their power to help each team member embrace their abilities in a way that works best for the group. Coaching can be fun, but also very stressful. Regardless, if you’ve ever coached in a traditional sport, you may love this.


Working as an eSports journalist can be rewarding, but in the age of social media, you’re going to have a lot of competition. Information is so accessible that journalism has begun to seem obsolete. Do you have the skill to outcompete social media?

Sales and marketing specialist

This career choice is perfect for the more enthusiastic people out there. You’ll be responsible for managing campaigns, advertising contracts, and so much more.


Referees call the shots and make sure games go smoothly. They are incredibly valuable to eSports. However, referees tend to take a lot of heat from audiences. Nobody likes it when a referee rules against their favourite team. But that’s just part of the job!

Organization owner

Looking to expand your empire? Consider buying an eSports team or organization. There’s no better way to get a piece of the action than to actually control it.

Social-media manager

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Want to run a social media account for an official team? You may be in luck. With teams being created every day, there are plenty of openings. This job can be a lot of fun, and it’s the perfect way to stay up to date on everything eSports-related.

Pro gamer

Now that we’ve covered some of the secondary careers in eSports, it’s time for the biggest and most important one: virtual athlete. To start out on this career path, you’ll have to choose a game to compete in. The most popular game in the eSports industry today is League of Legends. Other popular games are StarCraft and Dota, and first-person shooter games like Counter-Strike.

Choosing a platform

Now that you’ve chosen which game you want to play, it’s time to choose which platform you’ll actually play it on. The three big options are PC gaming, PlayStation gaming, and Xbox gaming. Xbox and Playstation are powerful options, but many dislike the fact that the units need to be replaced every few years as new versions come out. PC gamers have no such problem. The only thing that needs replacing from time to time is certain PC components. The price is much lower than a console.

Study the game

There’s no better way to get started than to study the ways other players play. Go to platforms like YouTube and Twitch and watch popular gamers do what they do best. Learning techniques and mastering your own playing style is a great way to get started.

Communication is key

As you play the game you’ve chosen, be sure to reach out to other players. Form connections and network a bit. Having online companions is the ultimate way to get invitations to join teams, and a great way to practice.

Join a team or a league

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Many games offer ways to join a clan or team or start your own. In doing so, you’re not only making new friends and partners but enabling yourself to join the competition. Once you have a full team, you can move toward competing in eSports.

Start competing

Participating in smaller online competitions is a great way to throw your name out into the world of eSports. Not only do these competitions often have cash prizes, but recruiters for larger teams are known to watch them for up-and-coming players.

Final thoughts

The eSports industry is growing faster than anyone could have predicted, and it can be intimidating at first for beginners. We hope this guide has helped you conquer that initial fear, and given you the confidence to get started. Good luck, and happy gaming!

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