The U.S. Army enlists with Call of Duty League’s Chicago Huntsmen

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Chicago Huntsmen

One of the greatest things about gaming is that it allows us to experience the visceral thrill of going to war with our fellow human beings without any of the danger. That’s something that everyone can agree on, whether you’re into Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Call of Duty, or Star Wars Battlefront.

And admit it: there have been times when you’ve wondered whether or not you’d be as handy with a machine gun or a pound of plastic explosives in real life as you are in the digital world.

It stands to reason that someone would seize upon the idea that maybe, just maybe, the gaming world might make a fertile recruiting ground for those devoted to the art of real-life combat. It should shock no one, then, that Call of Duty League franchise Chicago Huntsmen has added the U.S. Army to its list of official partnerships.

What exactly this means in terms of financial benefits or activations has yet to be revealed. There’s also no indication that the United States Army has invited Gunless, Scump, Envoy, and General to run its future weapons-training camps.

The Army joins a list of Hunstmen sponsors that range from Popeyes chicken to Mountain Dew soda to (somewhat bizarrely) Zippo lighters.

This isn’t the first time that the U.S. Army has turned its attention to Call of Duty. In addition to signing on as a league sponsor, it’s come onboard for COD charity events like the CODE Bowl.

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