Thinking about betting on esports? Here’s how to get started


League of Legends is one of the most popular games for online ESports betting.

This is a busy time in the esports world. The League of Legends World Championship is well under way, for example, and the Overwatch League Grand Finals are just on the horizon. Meanwhile, EA Sports and FIFA are gearing up for their Global Series later in the year.

There’s a lot going on—more than enough to keep you glued to the couch, streaming live matches on Twitch and YouTube 24/7. Maybe, though, you’re thinking about ways to make the experience a little more exciting. Perhaps you’re thinking about dipping a K-Swiss ONE-TAP–shod toe into the world of online esports betting but you have no idea how to get started?

ECentralSports asked Robert Davidman from to give us a crash course in betting on esports.

Is betting on esports legal?

“It’s legal, but it depends on the jurisdiction, which will determine the rules.”

What are the most popular esports among online bettors?

“Esports purists will gravitate towards CS:GO, Dota2 and League of Legends. People have started to bet on NBA2K and FIFA since there were no sports to bet on for months.”

For someone who has never bet on esports before, what is the best way to get started?

“The easiest way to get started is to watch a few matches on Twitch and then look at the markets being made and see if you can predict the winner. Then start small and wage a dollar or two and see how you go until you start to get a feel for the matches.”

Is it better to bet on regular-season matches, or on tournaments like the League of Legend Worlds or the Overwatch League Grand Finals?

“This all depends on the odds and the quality of the games. The idea behind the betting is to give you something to cheer about. It makes you invested in the outcome.”

How does one read scores or stats in esports in order to decide how to wager? Is it the same as with traditional sports, or are there unique factors to consider?

“You need to understand the player/team and look at their records against the opponents. This is very similar to traditional sports but requires a little knowledge of how the esports games are played.”

What is a typical starting wager?

“Depending on the site, wagers can start for as little as a dollar.”

What is the biggest payout you’ve seen?

“We have seen payouts in the thousands. It depends on what you bet. For example, a parlay; the odds pay out higher if you hit all the legs of the parlay.”

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