Those unable to help themselves are getting a FIFA 2021 helping hand


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For many gamers the biggest challenge is deciding when enough is enough. When you check your internet usage for the day at 11:59 p.m., are you shocked to discover that you’ve been playing League of Legends for 23 hours and 58 seconds. Is food something you’ve long forgone because you can’t rip yourself away from FIFA 2021? Do you have carpal tunnel in both wrists, permanent eye strain, and posture problems that Dr. Ho will never be able to fix?

And let’s not even get into the financial toll. When the choice is topping up your account or ordering another flat of Top Ramen off Amazon, you know what’s going to win.

The team at EA Sports obviously understands your pain, at least where FIFA 2021 is concerned.

Buried in a new patch update press announcement was news of something called FIFA Playtime. EA describes the initiative as follows:

FIFA 2021 Playtime is a new tool!

“FIFA Playtime is a new suite of tools that enable players to have more control and visibility over how they play, and can be accessed through the main menu, FUT, and VOLTA FOOTBALL. Follow the EA SPORTS FIFA Tracker to learn when FIFA Playtime will become activated.”

Translated that means players who can’t help themselves when it comes to spending hours and unemployment insurance money on FIFA will be getting some help.

As reported by the web site Eurogamer, the function will enable parents, roommates, addiction counsellors, and sadly ignored children to limit how long an addict can run around on the virtual socc…., err, football field. Playtime will control how much time FIFA 2121 players spend on the game and how much they can spend on FIFA points at the in-game store.

Electronic Arts traces Playtime back to last year’s Building Healthy Communities Summit, which brought together players from 20 countries around the world.

FIFA play should be fun!

“Play should always be fun, so we’re amping up the information and tools to help you play on your terms,” EA said in a statement. “Back in June, we rolled out the Positive Play Charter—an updated set of community guidelines designed to make our games and services more inclusive, safe, balanced and fair. This is another step we’re taking to make play more positive.”

Tech-savvy parents, ignored children, and concerned community leaders will be able to enable FIFA Playtime through the FIFA Ultimate Team and Volta Football main menu. Those with a shred of self-discipline left can also turn on FIFA 2021 Playtime themselves, knowing full well they will be profoundly regretting that before the day is over.

Playtime Tool is available on PC today, and consoles on November 17.

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