Travis Scott Himself Provides a First-person Window into His Astronomical Fortnite Event

Did you get up this morning at 7 a.m. to camp out by the computer, hoping to get a Travis Scott Fortnite Event spot on the Epic Games server, only to end up disappointed for reasons you’ll blame on everyone but yourself and your budget-brand bandwidth?

That’s okay, you’re not alone. Things are, of course, already under way.

Here’s a sampling of what you’re missing, tweeted out by none other than the man himself. And while our high-school French is sadly limited to “C’est aujourd hui l’anniversaire du Mary Ann,” we’re pretty sure his assessement of the concert is that it’s pretty damn good—Astronomically so. 

The enthusiasm, in case you’re curious, hasn’t stopped there, as you’ll see below. Tastemakers from XXL, 100 Thieves,  and FaZe Clan are among those who’ve logged on to Twitter to roar their approval.

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