Booming Twitch numbers show how we’re spending our COVID-19 time

If new Twitch numbers prove something, it’s that we’re not spending lockdown time in the year of COVID-19 watching The Haunting of Bly Manor, Flip or Flop, or reruns of Cagney & Lacey. We are however spending a marathon number of hours on the Twitch platform.

Stats released in this month’s StreamElements State of the Stream report show that users spent a whopping 1.6 billion hours on Twitch in October. Making that doubly impressive was that they somehow crammed that watching time in between nightly Halloween-season screenings of The Evil Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and Sleepaway Camp.

That 1.6 billion hours on the Twitch platform becomes doubly incredible when you consider the number for the same month last year. Basically, users spent twice as much time on Twitch in October 2020 as they did in 2019.

The numbers for 2019 were 839 million hours watched in October, which means viewership more or less doubled.

The October 2020 numbers represent a 100,000 hours-watched jump from average monthly totals during this year’s pandemic. And not surprisingly, October’s numbers are the second-most this year since April’s.

If one were to look for commonalities in those two spring and fall months, it would be massive spikes in COVID-19 numbers around the world. And, corresponding with that, orders from health officials across the planet for people to lockdown at home to help prevent the spread of the virus.

Enter the Twitch platform!

When people end up sitting around the house, they start looking for a way to pass the time. Enter the Twitch platform.

Number one the most-viewed list is Just Chatting at 200 million hours watched. Just Chatting is of course for casual streamers. In other words, those not operating their own fancy talk shows, or pros taking a break to converse with the common rabble.

From there League of Legends amassed a massive 166 millions hours watched. On the gaming front, that was followed by the breakout smash Among Us (106 million hours watched), Fortnite (78 million), and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (65 million).

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