Twitch sets another viewing record for hours watched in October

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There are a lot of things that folks could be doing now that we’re all supposed to be at home again socially isolating. Learning how to make the perfect Baked Alaska or cranberry-swirled sourdough. Spending four hours a day perfecting the downward dog while watching Yoga With Adriene. Painting a portrait that will make the world forget about that Leonardo da Vinci guy. Instead, new stats we’re setting new Twitch viewing records.

After a booming October, time spent on the platform rose another .5 percent in November. And while that might not sound like much, consider that meant that 1.7 billion hours were watched in November. These numbers were reported in a StreamElements’ report.

League of Legends was the biggest esports winner, accounting for 116 million hours watched. From there the top 5 included Among Us (75 million), Fortnite (74 million), and Minecraft (73 million).

In the bottom half of the top 10 were Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, World of Warcraft, the impossibly great Grant Theft Auto, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and FIFA 21.

Significantly, even as we have been setting new Twitch viewing records, numbers watched don’t tell the whole story. What’s more important is increases for specific games. Minecraft viewership on Twitch jumped 60 percent in October, with World of Warcraft spiking 64 percent. Interestingly, League of Legends saw a 30 percent drop.

As far as superstar streamers go, Alexandre “Gaules” Borba was king of the month, accumulating 16.2 million hours watched. In second place (aka first place for losers) was Hasan “HasanAbi” Piker, followed by Félix “xQc” Lengyel.

There was also good news for Facebook, which has spent part of 2020 trying to crack the lucrative streaming-platform market. The social media giant attracted 300 million hours watched. More importantly, that number represents a massive 100 percent jump from where Facebook was at last year.

No word on how much more time these year people spent watching Yoga With Adriene compared to last year.

Mike Usinger once took the better part of two years to finish Grand Theft Auto. Over the course of his career he has written about everything from eSports to music to movies to travel.

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