Apathy makes the difficult but exciting decision to retire from Call of Duty

One of Call of Duty’s all-time greats has decided that it’s time to walk away from the keyboard—at least where competitive action is concerned. Two-time world champion Apathy has announced his retirement. In a TwitLonger post he stated “Sometimes in life things don’t go the way you want it and this is one of those times. I did try to get on a pro team and wanted to keep competing but there were no opportunities or offers. I completely understand why, just felt like I had gas in the tank still.”

The first of Apathy’s two championship rings came in Black Ops III back in 2016 when he was with Team EnVyUs. In 2018, during a stint with Evil Geniuses, he conquered all competition in CoD: World War II.

When interviewed by ecentralsports last year, however, the man known to his parents as Bryan Zhelyazkov acknowledged that he was something of a rarity in Call of Duty at age 26.

Playing with the Seattle Surge at the time, and a proud new parent, Apathy said, ““One of my teammates was a dad—he was actually the only father in the league—but he retired about two weeks ago. So now none of my teammates have kids, and I’m pretty much the only dad in the whole Call of Duty League.”

While his retirement announcement is a bittersweet one, Apathy isn’t vanishing from the world of esports.

“I am officially retiring from Professional Call of Duty,” he wrote on Twitlonger. “I know I will miss competing and everything it brings. But its time to move on to the next thing! Something I’ve always loved was creating content, I did a lot of it through out my career. I’ve always been inconsistent during the competitive season because that was priority. People always asked me what I wanted to do after I was done competing and my answer is become a full time content creator. I know this is something I HAVE to give a shot in because I might regret later on in life if I don’t. Now I can be consistent and produce the best content for you guys and on top of it be able to be a very present dad.”

While the next chapter might be daunting, it’s also, Apathy suggested, exciting.

“This does feel a little scary and a lot of unknown but I am going all in because that’s the only way to do things,” he noted. “I’ve been streaming during the off season and its been going well. Going to continue that momentum and start posting on every single social media. I hope to see a lot of you guys in my upcoming streams and content in general. I will aim to be one of the best.”

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