Ubisoft’s Six Invitational slated for Paris in February


Welcome to the new normal. For the past 10 months, COVID-19 has hit the sporting world in a major way. Everything from the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals to the Canadian Bridge Championships has been played out either online or live with no audience present. It’s no surprise, therefore, that esports events have gone the same way.

Today, Ubisoft released details of the 2021 edition of the Six Invitational—the world championship of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege. The top teams from the Rainbow Six Esports global circuit will gather in Paris, France, from February 9 to 21.

And here’s where that new normal comes in. According to an Ubisoft press release, the teams “will compete in a LAN environment, following strict sanitary measures, with no audience on site”.

Six Invitational looks ahead to Year 6

Competitors at the Six Invitational will include the world’s top 20 squads. The teams hail from the four main regions of the Rainbow Six Esports circuit. Specifically Asia-Pacific, Europe, Latin America and North America.

According to Ubisoft, however, the event will be “more than just a tournament”:

The Six Invitational also marks the kick-off of a new year in Rainbow Six Siege. At the 2021 Six Invitational, the Rainbow Six Siege community will get a glimpse at everything the development team has in store for Year 6, including a few surprises. The event will feature panels on the game and the esports scene, as well as a Showmatch involving some of the finest content creators from the community.

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