University of Waterloo takes official ESports league plunge

Carleton is also in the ESports OPSE game

The University of Waterloo has jumped headfirst into the ESports pool. The UW is located in what’s one of Canada’s most tech-focussed cities. Now UW is greenlighting teams for competition. They will play in an official ESports league launching this fall.

University students will compete in Rocket League. And League of Legends, and Overwatch.
Games will played as part of the New Ontario Post-Secondary ESports league.

As with all university sports teams, you can’t just expect a place on the roster. Players end up picked from scrimmages. Some scrimmages have already taken place. Others take place later this month.

Official ESports league

Universities across North America now like ESport. Schools from the University of British Columbia to the University of California have dedicated ESports teams.

However, to attract students who’ve grown up with gaming consoles, many post-secondary schools now offer scholarships.

The University of Waterloo will join Carleton in the official ESports league. Related, Carleton announced that it would be joining the league in June. Furthermore, it has teams in Rocket League, League of Legends, Hearthstone, and Overwatch.

League of Legends

Meanwhile, the University of Waterloo isn’t new to the ESports world. Furthermore, it has clubs that participate in League of Legends. Also in Pokemon, Starcraft, and Hearthstone.

However, what’s different for the Official ESports league OPSE is that ESports teams will be under the university’s wing. Also, that’s similar to the way universities field soccer, hockey, and basketball teams.

Furthermore, the new interest in ESports makes sense. It will be easy for ESports athletes to compete online. That’s not the case for traditional sports.

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