Valorant Closed-Beta Is Now Officially a Part of History

Skins are toast, but purchased points to carry over

From the Fun While It Lasted files comes today’s announcement that the closed-beta phase of VALORANT is now officially in the history books.

Riot Games has temporarily shut down its new first-person 5-on-5 shooter as it turns its attention to an official June 2 launch. Those who were lucky enough to play VALORANT in closed-beta can look forward to having their accumulated purchased points carry over with a 20 percent top up.

All other progressions however—rank, skins, agent contracts—will go back to zero.

The official launch will see a new map, new agent, and new game mode, with additional features scheduled be rolled out over the summer.

VALORANT became an instant smash when it debuted on Twitch in closed-beta in March, immediately shooting to the top of most-streamed games on the platform.

To celebrate the launch, Riot Games and Twitch Rivals have announced a tournament where $270,000 will be up for grabs. Participating players will come from North America, Brazil, Korea, Europe, and Japan.

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