Valorant fans with a thing for futuristic steampunk have good reason to be excited

Get those Victorian goggles on

It’s hard to say how is going to more excited: Valorant players or steampunk fans. But one thing is for certain today: if you happen to be both a Valorant frequent flyer who dresses like someone who loves Victorian England almost as much as the old American west, then this is indeed a very great day.

Why you might legitimately ask? That’s because game develop Riot continues to leak details on the next skins rollout. What can expect is steampunk-indebted finery on the sartorial side. And steampunk style where the weapons are concerned. But the key here is that everything somehow also manages to look totally futuristic as well as from a bygone time. It’s dubbed Magepunk.

In letting fans know what to expect, Valorant lead artist Sean Marino says the following: “We set out to work on the design and make it feel like it came from a different world than you typically see with steampunk. We developed a backstory and a technology source for it, where instead of electricity being discovered at the turn of the century, it was magic. This discovery pushed society much further and we see the technology of that era starting to fuse with more modern designs.”

On the weaponry side of the ledger, expect such offering as Spectre, Ghost, Bucky, and Marshal. Those weapons can be toted around by a custom Gun Buddy, which come in numerous options.

Skin variants include five for the melee and seven for weapons. Among the goodies are a Level 2 custom muzzle flash and firing audio, Level 4 finisher and kill banner, and a “magic” electricity effect in the weapon that changes from blue to green to purple and Orange

Watch for Magepunk skin collection to hit the web on April 1 with a price that ranges from 1,189 (aka $12.50) for individual skins to 6,734 ($88) for the entire bundle. Then again, maybe it won’t, and this is part of an elaborate April Fool’s joke.

In which case you’ll have to be content with sitting in front of the computer playing dressed like the best parts of H.G. Wells, Jules Verne, and Tank Girl. There are worse ways to spend one’s days. especially for Valorant players or steampunk fans.

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