VALORANT introduces a shockingly lethal new agent named Neon

VALORANT has introduced a new agent possessing the kind of powers that anyone who’s ever had to go to battle would love to have. Ladies and gentlemen meet Neon, whose special abilities include whipping electric blue balls with the power to ricochet off walls, thereby maximizing damage.

And the lethalness doesn’t stop there. Neon clearly doesn’t have to worry about sticking her fingers in electrical sockets or chewing her way through 220-volt cables. When the chips are down she’s able to shoot electricity from her fingertips, which gives her something of an advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Forget pointing and shooting—all she has to do is unleash an electrical storm. And, from that point, in a fight, you might as well be running through an American Midwest field with a lightning pole attached to your head in a thunderstorm. Sometimes a woman—or a man—has to know his limitations as Detective Harry Callahan once said. Messing with electricity is never a smart idea.

Neon also seems like she’ll be extra fleet of foot, as a VALORANT trailer depicts the Filipino sprinting like Usain Bolt, and sliding out of harm’s way like Rafael Nadal on a clay court at the French Open. The trailer action starts with Neon kicking back in her bedroom while looking over intelligence briefs provided by Sage. From there, it’s “Ladies and gentlemen meet Neon” as she drifts off to dreamland to unveil her multitude of shocking powers.

Watch below for a full preview. And then look for Neon to make her official debut in VALORANT’S Episode 4: Disruption later this month.

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