Valorant takes a major step to strengthening its grassroots with the Ignition Series

Riot Games reaches out to established players to help build a community.

Riot Games

Right from the point Riot Games started making serious noise in the gaming world with its first-person shooter Valorant, the company has pledged to do things a little differently.

A major departure has been in focusing on developing the game on a grassroots level, with players rather than a designated league shaping the future. To that end, Riot Games has announced the creation of what it’s dubbing the Ignition Series.

In a website post, the company calls the series the “first step after launch to build a robust competitive ecosystem”.

The Ignition Series will spotlight select tournaments on a weekly basis with the goal of unearthing new talent. Riot has partnered with 20 established ESports organizations around the globe, with each setting up competitive open qualifiers, show matches, and invitationals featuring renowned gaming personalities and promising up-and-comers.

The voice of the community

To build strong regional Valorant communities, tournaments will eventually be organized not only in North America and Asia, but also in Europe, South America, Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East.

To help build awareness, Riot will spotlight the Ignition Series on its various channels, and curate a dedicated landing page featuring scheduling info and feedback from tournament organizers.

The post goes on to state: “At this early stage, it’s important for the esports scene to grow naturally in a way that will authentically develop talent, players, and stars. VALORANT esports should reflect the voice of the community, which will only be possible if you continue to provide us with feedback at every step. We’re committed to building VALORANT on the core pillars of competitive integrity, accessibility, and authenticity to create an experience that will captivate you for many years to come.”

The Ignition Series is scheduled to run into the fall.

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