Valorant Tournament Realms suggests Riot is looking beyond grassroots

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One of the major success stories of 2020 has been Valorant, which shattered Twitch viewing records in closed-beta, and then promptly became the game of the summer upon its official release. A fascinating thing about the new first-person-shooter was the way developer Riot Games committed to building the game’s following. Valorant has gone grassroots from the start rather than moving to set up professional tournaments.

The thinking was that would enable players to steer the game in directions that would be organic. You might remember Riot stating in June that it was committed to building a “robust competitive ecosystem”.

That ecosystem looks like it’s about to get a little more structured.

Ask Valorant has answers

In an Ask Valorant blog post that went up today, one of the questions was about having patches for tournaments on designated servers. Riot’s response was to suggest that might be happening sooner rather than later.

Valorant Esports Stategy Manager said this: “In the future, we’ll have fully flushed out Tournament Realms that will give us even more control over the environment that esports is played on. We’ll have specific rules around what patches cab be used for certain tournaments to help create the best environment for competitive play. We’re extremely focused on competitive integrity and will continue to adapt our plans in collaboration with both devs and players.”

The Coles notes version of that is that because Valorant has gone grassroots it will continue to develop organically, but not at the expense of the future. Get ready Overwatch and CS:GO because you’ll likely have official competition on a major stage sooner that than later.

Those who can’t get enough of all things VALORANT will be interested to learn that other questions were asked. So if you want to know whether you’ll ever be able to transfer account regions without losing skins and progress, or having the ability to track hours played, click here.

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