VALORANT tourney capitalizes on the hottest new game in the market


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If the middle half of this most crazy of years established one thing in the world of esports, it’s that VALORANT is the hottest new game on the market. There should then be no shortage of combatants for an upcoming high-stakes tournament sponsored by two heavyweight organizations.

Home electronics giant LG and esports umbrella organization Tempo Storm have teamed up to bring the world an online VALORANT tournament. The competition runs this Saturday (October 3) and is titled LG UltraGear Face Off. Waiting for the winning team at the finish line is a US$10,000 payout.

Tournament features four teams

On deck will be players whose battles are usually fought in CS:GO, Fortnite, Overwatch, and Call of Duty. That field of 20 will be divided into four teams.

Participants include such esports stars as Jay “Sinatraa’ Won, who is a big reason VALORANT is the hottest new game of 2020. Earlier this year the Overwatch League specialist announced that he was going to turn his attention to Riot Games’ upstart first-person shooter VALORANT.

The much-hyped game debuted in the summer after setting streaming records in closed-beta mode on Twitch. Since then it has made a lauded effort to build a grassroots community of players.

Instead of setting up glitzy tournaments, VALORANT has built a fan base with events such as the Ignition Series. That series has been described by Riot Games in a website post as the “first step after launch to build a robust competitive ecosystem”.

VALORANT is the hottest new game

The LG UltraGear Face Off tournament hasn’t come entirely out of the goodness of the suits at LG. Designed as a showcase of sorts, LG UltraGear Face Off will spotlight the company’s new gaming monitor featuring an ultra-HD 27-inch screen.

However, the tournament candy doesn’t stop there.

Tempo will us the LG Ultra-Gear Face Off to spotlight its new virtual stage. This will help build its brand because VALORANT is the hottest new game on the market.

Want to know where to watch the battles unfold? Set your clock for 1 p.m. PST and then log onto the Twitch channel for Ultra Gear Gaming.

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