Amazon Prime members can now cash in with a free Tower of Power gun buddy

Jeff Bezos thanks you.

There’s an old saying that membership has its privileges, and that’s most definitely true for VALORANT fanatics with an Amazon Prime Gaming account. Check out the Prime Gaming site today and you’ll find all sorts of goodies, some which you can cash in on now, and others which will be available in the months to come. Up first: The VALORANT Tower of Power gun buddy.

That particular digital piece of candy is a miniature PC for gaming in the most royal of colours, purple. Assuming you’re in the business of making Jeff Bezos just a little bit wealthier each month, the Tower of Power is yours after you log in with your Prime account.

Acting fast is probably a wise idea—previously specialty items that are no longer available include the Hot Take Gun Buddy, 200 IQ Spray, and EP 2//FORMATION Player Card.

As for future specialty drops for Prime members who can’t get enough of VALORANT, the Amazon Gaming website is promising new in-game content for September, October, November, and December. In the meantime start salivating over that VALORANT Tower of Power gun buddy.

Not a member of Amazon Prime? Um, pay attention to the fine print:

VALORANT content, exclusively for Prime members

Restrictions apply*

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