Dad hats and hoodies part of the collectible fun of the VALORANT Art of Greatness line

Merch: it’s one of the ways that we let the world know what our favourite bands are, the places that we’ve been, and the teams that we support. And now there’s a line of merch that will let future generations know that you were there—even if in spirit—for the first-ever VALORANT world championships. Riot Games has announced a limited-edition VALORANT Art of Greatness line of hats, hoodies, and T-shirts for the upcoming VCT Champions event, which gets underway December 1.

In advance of the big kickoff, all gear is now available on the Riot Games merch store—but only until the online shelves have been cleaned out. And keep in mind that they will most likely be stripped bare before too long. Nothing says “I gotta have that” like the reality that everyone else is determined to have it before you—in this case millions of VALORANT fans. Well, that and the knowledge that, to keep things limited edition, once all items are gone they are gone.

The prices aren’t bargain basement, but at the same time they aren’t going to totally break the bank. A hoodie will run you US$85, while a short-sleeve T sets you back US$35.

A dad hat, meanwhile, clocks in at $30. What’s a dad hat you might very well ask, with the added confusion being that the average dad is more likely to be playing Electronic Arts NHL 21 than an upstart first-person shooter game like VALORANT?

That’s easy: think curved brim, relaxed fit, and an unstructured body that’s usually designed out of soft cotton or canvas and made to look faded. In this case the dad hats come in standard and gold editions, as to the hoodies, with the standard there being the Navy edition.

That quick tutorial in low fashion of the way, let’s get back to the business at hand. Riot has trumpeted the line as follows: “This collection of streetwear-inspired apparel is rooted in the core thematic of Champions–The Art of Greatness.”

So get shopping, or admit that, when it comes to scoring limited edition merchandise, great isn’t a word that anyone’s going to use to describe you.

You can find the VALORANT Art of Greatness collection here.

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