Vancouver Titans Now Have an Official Pizza Because Why Wouldn’t They?

Vancouver Titans

As far as partnerships go, it makes a lot of sense.

When you think of the culinary preferences of gamers, filet mignon probably doesn’t come to mind. You think of pizza, right? It’s a natural association, which is why exactly no one will be shocked to learn that the Vancouver Titans have entered into a partnership agreement with Pizza Hut Canada.

According to an announcement sent out by Enthusiast Gaming, the Titans’ Toronto-based parent company, this makes Pizza Hut the Official Pizza of the Overwatch League team—and its fans.

“We are incredibly thrilled to deliver this exciting partnership to our fans and can’t wait to make Pizza Hut an integral part of the Titans gameday experience,” said Tim Holloway, the Vancouver Titans’ eSports director.   

You know what that sounds like to us? That sounds like free pizzas. But don’t hold us—or Pizza Hut—to that, okay?

What we do know for sure is that Pizza Hut and the Titans are planning to launch a new amateur gaming tournament in which Overwatch fans will compete to play and train with the team. Watch for an in-store promotion later this summer.

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