Vancouver Island Regional Library looking fore a few good digital golfers

Mark Twain fans need not apply

As the more belligerent among us will happily argue, there are games and then there are sports. Loosely speaking, sports are games where you’re forced to make split-second decisions: hockey, football, soccer, boxing, tennis, baseball, and cheese rolling among them. Games that aren’t sports—or so the belligerent argument goes—are the ones where you can stand around for a good 10 minutes thinking about what you’re going to do for your next move: billiards, darts, bowling, and golf. Mostly golf, which Mark Twain once described as a good walk spoiled.

But, at this point in the game, odds are good that you’ll do anything to get a little exercise. Even if it’s golf. Or, for those adverse to being hit by flying balls 1.3 seconds after someone two hundred yards away has hollered “fore!”, digital golf.

British Columbia residents—and, specifically those who call Vancouver Island home—can now sign up for what’s being called a North American competitive golf showdown.

The event, known as #VIRLShowdown, is being run by the Vancouver Island Regional Library and Lazarus Esports—which is represented by more than 50 digital athletes in 10 countries around the world.

Starting March 27, those who fancy themselves the eVersions of Dustin Johnson or Brooke Henderson will kick off play, with qualifiers stretching out until April 4.

To register you need a VIRL library card. And, presumably, know that golfers carry clubs, not sticks, and that the game generally consists of 18 rounds as opposed to three quarters.

To play you need a PlayStation 4!

The key word there was “generally”. For the #VIRLShowdown you’ll only be playing four qualifying rounds on a virtual reality version of the TPC Scottsdale course. And to play, you’ll need access to a PlayStation 4 loaded with PGA Tour 2K21.

The four golfers who beat all competitors with a combined fewest strokes will move on to a live-streamed #VIRLShowdown on April 11.

Participants in that showdown will include Lazarus signees Steve “Sloaner” Sloan and Sara Winter, as well as-yet-unannounced names from the world of esports golf. Up for grabs will be prize money, including $2,500 for first place in the first round of the showdown.

Of the belief that golf falls under this umbrella: Games that aren’t sports? That’s right, games that aren’t sports. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the hockey edition of the #VIRLShowdown.

Those meanwhile, who’ll argue Mark Twain had zero idea what he was talking about can go here for more information, including how to register.

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