Xbox Cloud Gaming brings mobile gaming to the next level with its beta rollout

Imagine having the power of an Xbox in your personal computer, tablet, or phone. And having the ability to play your favourite game the way your favourite game developer meant you to without being tethered to a console. That’s a big step towards reality as the beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming has now been unleashed.

Not everyone can check it out. Because it’s only in beta, you have to be an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member from one of 22 designated countries who is also a part of the Insider program. If you check those boxes, you’re eligible to play over 100 Xbox console games that you might have saved on your Xbox, or that you can pick from the Xbox Game Pass library and then download to your console. From there you download the Xbox App and start playing.

In a release announcing the beta rollout, Microsoft said, “With Xbox Cloud Gaming, you can turn all types of PCs into a gaming device, from brand-new budget computers to older machines with low specs. All you need to do is connect a compatible controller via Bluetooth or USB, launch the Xbox app, click the “cloud games” button, select your game and start playing.

The release continues with, “We’ve also added some new features to help you get started, including easy-to-access information on controller and network status, social features to stay connected with friends, and the ability to invite people – even those also playing on cloud without the game installed – to join you in a game.”

The beta version of Xbox Cloud Gaming will allow Microsoft gather data from Xbox Insider Program members during the beta stage. That info will then be used it to “build a great cloud gaming experience within the Xbox app for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members.”

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