XSET welcomes Astonish, announces partnership with hip-hop heavyweight



XSET dropped a pair of newsworthy nuggets today.

The first and biggest is that the gaming organization is entering into a “significant and wide-ranging strategic partnership” with QC Holdings.

For the unititiated, QC Holdings is the home of Quality Films and QC Sports. Oh, and a little thing called Quality Control Music. You might know it as the label behind Migos, Lil Yachty, Lil Baby, and other major hip-hop players. Quality Control also manages Cardi B. You’ve probably heard of her.

“We are beyond hyped to join forces with Quality Control,” says XSET CEO and co-founder Greg Selkoe. “QC are visionaries and early identifiers of the hip hop and gaming revolution. We have enormous respect for them and are thrilled to be able to tap into QC’s incredible creative abilities and business acumen as we continue to grow together. QC meets their audience in the places where they discover music- and gaming is new music’s newest locale. This relationship crystallizes our existing synergies, and synthesizes a brand new creative and artistic medium.” 

Now, we really have no clue what it means to crystallize synergies, but as for what this partnership will entail? According to a press release, here’s what we can look forward to:

In the coming months, Quality Control and XSET will embark on several significant initiatives, including the creation of various forms of content, including long form, short form, and recurring series. In addition, the two companies will work together on high-profile music collaborations, joint recruitment and management of new gaming talent, integration of existing QC talent into the XSET roster, activation of exclusive music, gaming and lifestyle events, exciting merchandise collaborations, music related licensing deals with gaming publishers, and much more. 


As mentioned above, XSET dropped a second tidbit today. In one of the first manifestations of this new partnership, it has welcomed Ashton “Astonish” Harris to the fold.

The pro Fortnite player joins QC Sports and XSET’s roster as a content creator and competitive gamer. Speaking of content, here’s a video about Astonish, billed here as “the future of Atlanta gaming”.

“We are passionate to help inner city kids to learn about gaming and other options for them in using their time now and careers in the future,” QC founder and CEO Kevin “Coach K” Lee said in today’s press release. “It’s about aligning the QC brand that we’ve built in rap with XSET in gaming to create movements for their future in gaming, to go from geeky to cool and open up that industry to black and brown communities.”

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